The HW16D series bulldozer, is a newly developed hydraulic transmission bulldozer by Hengwang Group, with high technological content, reasonable design, and strong power. It is capable of operating in even the most challenging work env...

The HW16D series bulldozer, is a newly developed hydraulic transmission bulldozer by Hengwang Group, with high technological content, reasonable design, and strong power. It is capable of operating in even the most challenging work environments.

Power System: Equipped with a Weichai WD10G178E25 engine, boasting a rated power of up to 120KW. With high combustion efficiency, it offers quicker dynamic response.

Transmission System: The machine is equipped with a planetary power shift transmission, forced lubrication gearbox, and a hydraulic power steering system, making the operation more lightweight. It ensures efficient power transmission and production productivity.

Cooling System: Utilizing a closed system, it enhances the evaporation temperature of cooling water and heat dissipation efficiency. With an enlarged radiator, the cooling effect reaches optimal levels, ensuring normal operation under heavy load.

Hydraulic System: Incorporating a mainstream 14MPA working hydraulic system with stable overload protection function, it significantly reduces the failure rate of hydraulic components, providing improved stability and reliability.

The main frame of the all-box structure is welded with steel plates, forming a complete box structure. It is integrated with the rear axle box and possesses high load-bearing impact resistance and bending-torsion capacity. High-quality weld seams ensure the main frame's durability throughout its lifecycle.

Eight-character beam swing, balanced beam suspension structure connects the frame and walking system, effectively enhancing the stability of the bulldozer during complex working conditions.

According to different working conditions, it can be equipped with straight-tilt blade, semi-U blade, U blade, coal pushing blade, sanitation blade, angle blade, traction frame, and ripper. The ripper with three shanks is suitable for loosening compacted clay, frozen soil, and other hard soil layers. It offers high efficiency and exceptional penetration capability, resulting in stronger operational performance.

The entire vehicle adopts waterproof connectors, new relays, and metal shell instruments, effectively preventing electrical system failures. Equipped with an intelligent LCD display, the interface is innovative and displays comprehensive content, allowing real-time monitoring of machine operation status and fault diagnosis.

The new ergonomic hexahedral integrated cab offers a larger space and better visibility. It features excellent vibration resistance and a well-damped cabin. Equipped with standard cigarette lighter, USB port, storage box, and cup holder, it provides a more user-friendly driving experience in a comfortable and safe environment.

The HW16D bulldozer is widely applicable for tasks such as earthmoving, excavation, backfilling, and other bulk material operations in areas like highways, railways, mines, and airports. It is an indispensable machinery for defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural road construction, as well as water conservancy projects.

HW16D Series Bulldozer Specifications Table
Performance parametersOperating Weight (kg) (Excluding ripper)1700017500
Minimum Turning Radius (mm)44664513
Ground Contact Length (mm)24302635
Ground Pressure (kPa)0.0670.058
EngineEngine ModelWD10G178E25WD10G178E25
Rated Power / Rated Speed (kW/rpm)131/1850131/1850
DimensionsOverall Dimensions of the Machine (mm)5140×3388×30325345×3388×3032
Travel PerformanceForward Speed (km/h)F1:0~3.29F1:0~3.29
Reverse Speed (km/h)R1:0~4.28R1:0~4.28
Ground Clearance (mm)400400
Chassis SystemTrack Center Distance (mm)18801880
Track Shoe Width (mm)510/560510/560
Number of Track Shoes (per side/piece)3739
Pitch of Track Chains (mm)203.2203.2
Number of Carrier Rollers (per side)22
Number of Track Rollers (per side)67
Fuel Tank CapacityFuel Tank Capacity (L)320320
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)108108
Working deviceBladesBlade TypeStraight Tilt Blade/Angle Blade/U-BladeStraight Tilt Blade/Angle Blade/U-Blade
Blade Capacity (m³)4.5/4.3/-4.5/4.3/-
Blade Weight (kg)2454/2289/26722454/2289/2672
Blade Width (mm)3388/3970/35563388/3970/3556
Blade Height (mm)1149/1090/11201149/1090/1120
Maximum Lift Height (mm)1095/1110/10951095/1110/1095
Maximum Cutting Depth (mm)400/-/400400/-/400
RipperRipper TypeThree teethThree teeth
Ripper Weight (kg)17091709
Maximum Ripping Depth (mm)572572
Maximum Lift Height (mm)592592
WinchWinch TypeHydraulic winchHydraulic winch
Hydraulic Motor ModelINM7-3600D480111INM7-3600D480111
System Pressure (MPa)1616
Maximum Pulling Force of the First Layer (kN)150150
Maximum Rope Speed of the First Layer (m/min)2020
Number of Rope Wraps2/32/3
Wire Rope Size (mm)Φ26×55000/Φ26×90000Φ26×55000/Φ26×90000